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13 Dec

This cargo-carrying sack, known as fanny pack, was the fashion accessory of the 1980s which was a huge success among joggers, who simply loved the idea of carrying less to lighten up their speed, and also with people who are just too busy with their lives with just too many jobs and having a fanny pack strapped on their waists makes it practically accessible to dig in for their keys, cell phones, etc. In the 15th century, the French invented a belt which had an extra small bag attached on it and they called it a chatelaine and this began with the evolution of fanny packs. The name "fanny pack" was christened basically because it was supposed to be worn around the waist, at the back just above the rear, but later on many similar designs came about with its own specific location to be worn on the waistline, like at the side, hip, or mid-waist, and, thus, paved way for other names for this small bag, such as belly bag, buffalo pouch, belt pack, belted satchel, click here!

With more celebrities rocking on this accessory, the american flag fanny pack has become a trending thing and its revival has prepped up many bag designers to come up with choices from utilitarian bags to the ultra chic, and celebrities are seen wearing their fanny packs snugly on their waists or slung across their body. Because of the fanny pack's all time popularity, many fashion designers are trying to lure buyers into their own design version using a variety of patterns and fabrics, such as  plaid, leather, satin, sequined, animal skin, and even smiley faces. There are so many creative ways to style the fanny pack, especially for women, and here are some fashion recommendations: sleek satchel for the woman on the go, an impossibly chic accessory, a sure-fire back pack statement, an effortless way to be in jeans and jacket, or upgrading the fanny pack with leather iteration.

People are finding more benefits from fanny packs than they would have ever imagined and these are what they have found: it's more comfortable to wear fanny packs, as they eliminate the idea of carrying heavy, unnecessary stuff and the location of where it is worn alleviates any back or shoulder strain; traveling has become incredible easy, passing through airport security with less load bulk on your body with just this small bag accessory carrying your passport, keys, credit cards, and other important items; it is the perfect in-between bag which you can sneak in without drawing in attention; it's not just a fashion statement, but it's all about functionality and any wearer of it boldly demonstrates his unabashed choice of a practical bag accessory. For more facts about bags, visit this website at

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